The Origin of God

Copyright Ó 2005
Reprinted… First edition 1990

In the beginning:

Today, scientists have traced the origin of the “known” universe to 10 -42 seconds after the big bang (theoretically, about 15 billion years ago). “Was there a Big Bang?” … is no longer a question. The real questions are, “When was the Big Bang?” and “At what point did time become dimensional?”

Religious philosophers have to deal with these new findings and are trying to cope with them. For instance, did God create the Big Bang? If there was nothing before the Big Bang, did God create everything from nothing? If there was nothing, where did God come from? Was He lonely? Was the whole universe, (all that exists), composed of that which is spiritual? And if so, was the Big Bang a way of converting “spiritual” energy into “physical” energy?

New discoveries, both scientific and historical, “appear” to be incongruent with the foundations of many established religions. And as “believers” begin to question their faith, they may turn away from God.

That which I am about to reveal to you is an inspiration that was given to me in a vision after praying fervently for an understanding of God.

I was having discussions with a couple of people who had very different beliefs. They argued passionately about their contradicting beliefs regarding the origin of the earth, the Garden of Eden, the necessity of a Messiah, etc.

I bowed my head and prayed sincerely for understanding.

The Vision

As I prayed, I felt a wonderful wave of warm energy overcome my body and my mind. My eyes were closed and yet, as if my eyes were wide open, the origin of the universe appeared to me in a vision. One scene was of what I now know to be “black Holes”. I witnessed their conception, contraction, and explosion. Next, I felt the emptiness of an empty universe, and the suddenness of the Big Bang. I could feel the advent of time, and I knew that time existed, but was running at a moving rate. I sensed that every bit of expanding energy, which emanated from the Big Bang, was on a different clock running at a different rate from every other clock.

My vision was like a slow motion viewing of the origin of the universe from varying perspectives. First, I was outside observing an explosion at a central point expelling concentric, spherical waves of gaseous energy.

Next, I was at the center, looking out. I could see various concentrations of pure energy having an attractive effect on other pockets of expanding pure energy. My perception was that some swirled to the left, and some swirled to the right. I sensed that this was analogous to positive and negative forces developing. A voice, like my own subconscious voice, said that all matter, all material things, all elements are nothing but pure energy trapped in a static environment where positive and negative forces are balanced. The fabric of all matter was clearly the same “pure energy” trapped in various conglomerations of positive and negative forces which “lock-in” raw energy. Therefore, matter is energy… trapped!

I envisioned an almost infinite environment of positive and negative and neutral packets of pure energy pervading the expanding “new” universe. Then, suddenly, like someone was showing me a documentary movie where the preceding “clips” lead you to a particular point of understanding, I pictured the developing human brain of a fetus and how the electrical charges of positive, negative, and neutral bring a baby to the point where suddenly it becomes aware of its own existence.

Next, I envisioned a computer using 0's and 1's for mathematical logic. Then the vision brought the two thoughts together.

All the computers in the world, and all the brains in the world, could not match the number of positive and negative and neutral charges of this expanding universe.

Then I heard it…

This warm voice (not surprisingly in English) saying, “I AM”. I heard the universe saying, “I AM”. It was like a baby becoming aware of its own existence!

Then it overwhelmed my emotions as I realized that I had been given a very special gift…

A glimpse of the origin of God.

Vision Aftermath

The vision enlightened my mind with an understanding of the mechanics of the universe, which is hard to verbalize. For one brief moment, I was given a glimpse of eternal truth. It was as if I was “one” with the expanding universe. I could see and feel that which was occurring.

When I opened my eyes, I began to talk to the people who were discussing their contradicting beliefs. As I referred to the Big Bang as being analogous to a black hole exploding, and discussed the nature of time, one of the listeners asked me if I had heard of Stephen Hawking, and if I had read any of his books on the Big Bang, or black holes. At the time, I did not even know who Stephen Hawking was or that he was a world-renowned physicist who had picked up where Einstein left off with regard to theoretical quantum physics. I quickly purchased two of his books, (“A Brief Moment In Time” was an excellent first choice), and was quite surprised to find that some of his theories and postulates were in harmony with the vision that I had had.

What really overwhelmed me about the vision was that I had been given a glimpse of the nature of God. And possibly, I had envisioned the very origin of God.


Later that night I reflected on the vision. And as I closed my eyes in conscious reverie, I could still feel the spirit and the power of the vision. My mind was expanded to a level of understanding that this vision, if shared with the world, could unify all religions in their view of the universal nature of God. It would provide to all religions a common understanding of the nature of a “Supreme Being”… a “Higher Power”.

We have all heard the quotation, “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. Likewise, God by any other name is still God.

In this modern day of new technologies, new archeological discoveries and new understanding of the universe and with communications stretching across a world wide web, the understanding of the origins of religions and the contradictions of facts and doctrines are readily available to those who are seeking understanding and clarity and truth. Many good people will fall away from their religions as they become disenchanted due to discrepancies. The problem with an individual becoming disenchanted with his religion is that he may turn away from God completely.

I believe that God gave this vision to me because of my sincere search for ultimate truth and the pure intentions of my quest for understanding… and possibly for the purpose of sharing with the world these understandings.

When I received this vision, I was overcome with joy… the joy of knowing; the joy of personal testimony of the existence of a Supreme Being; the joy of loving all of mankind and a strong compulsion to share this vision with everyone.

As should be expected, those close to me discouraged me from sharing this vision with others. I experienced ridicule because of the closed hearts and minds of those clinging to their cultural indoctrinations.

My plea to the people of the world is:

“Close your eyes (not your heart and your mind) and relax your mind and your body. Totally relax yourself and shed this world from your mind. Mentally float yourself and become one with the unseen fabric of the universe. Let your mind melt into oneness with all that is spiritual. Mentally transcend time. Gently open the portals of your mind to universal understanding. Know that God lives and that there is life beyond life. There is a purpose and there is a universal love. You will feel it. You will know for yourself by your own experience.”


The vision has stimulated my mind to ponder the very nature of intelligence. What is the nature of the self-cognizance in “I AM”? What is thought? If we pick our brain apart (our poor tiny little brain with its limited number of synapses) and look at its function, we find chemical and electrical functionalisms that, if blocked, will shut down thought processes.
Also, we find that once a particular complex of chemical and electrical algorithms has been experienced, the mind can quickly reconstruct that particular framework and we call this “memory”. Therefore at the seat of thought is memory. As various frameworks of memory are experienced, we find that “association” triggers previous similar or related memories. As the inventory of memories increases, the personality develops.

Now, if we never understand the microcosmic mechanisms that initiate memory and thought, we can still draw some objective conclusions based on observable experience. For instance, memories do exist, thought exists, and cognizance of oneself (self-realization) exists.

If this can happen in billions of tiny little brains on this tiny little planet, what is the capacity of an “Existence”, a “Being”, whose synapses pervade an ever expanding universe of positives, negatives and neutrals?

It has been said that God organized the universe. Do we not organize our thoughts within the framework allowed by nature? If I decide to think of something, I have the power to do just that by directing my thoughts. Have you heard the words of wisdom, “First you think it, then you speak it, then you do it”? Just as we control the direction of our thoughts in our brains and bodies, does it not also seem possible and feasible that a universally pervasive intelligence can direct the flow of “thought energy” in its body (the universe) and create a new “occurrence” or “reality”?

Let us not forget that all of what we perceive as matter is really pure, raw energy trapped in a static and balanced environment.

The enlightenment that God had a beginning or origin and that his presence and intelligence pervades our expanding universe has endless ramifications.

The Visions Harmony with Positive Religions

This vision does not in any way contradict Judaism, Christianity, or Islamic Fundamentalism. Buddhists can also feel comfortable with the principle of universal oneness.

As each of the followers of the world's primary religions examine their personal beliefs, I have faith that they can all now find a commonality. That commonality is that there is one Supreme, Eternal Being, One Who is all knowing and is omnipresent (pervades the universe); one God Whom we all share as the center of our lives.

The Destruction of God's Instruction

Through the centuries and millennia, prophets have received spiritual revelations from a “Supreme Being”.

Imagine the grandeur and power of communicating with an eternal, all-knowing being and the empowerment of having an eternal perspective.

Each prophet is also a man… and a man is fragile. The recognition and power that prophets receive can be intoxicating and also financially (worldly) rewarding.

Imagine an individual coming to the realization that there is a Supreme Being, and actually channeling-in to a level of communication, inspiration, and understanding of “God”. As humbling as this experience is, his peers will exalt him and praise him for being God's messenger. This messenger, (referring to myself), recognizes that God is not a respecter of persons and is not selective about who should gain an eternal perspective. A God of one is the same God of all and I believe that he has revealed his eternal principles to all peoples. The individual prophets (those who communicate God's message to mankind) from time to time have received their inspirations relative to their cultures.

However, many prophets were intoxicated with the knowledge, inspiration and power and may have added to and/or taken from God's pure revelations… for their own self-serving reasons.

As current scientific and historical research increases our knowledge and reveals to the world the pure intentions or self-serving actions of previous messengers of God, a new universal perspective of God will develop and lead humanity to seek spiritual oneness with the “Eternal Intelligence” and every member of every religion will be enlightened and recognize that we are all seeking the same end…
Eternal oneness with God.


I have shared with you a very special and unique vision of the origin of God and the very beginning of time. The impact of this information will be different for every individual who is exposed to it. I believe that this vision was a very special gift from God because of my sincere search for a pure knowledge of God that was not in conflict with what I know to be reality.

Try to remember these brilliant, insightful and elucidating words:

Most people grow up in a particular culture surrounded and immersed in that cultures set of beliefs. And, as is man's nature, one seeks acceptance. That want of acceptance translates into wanting to believe the accepted “norm” which leads to sincere belief based on the emotions and not necessarily based on fact.

If you want someone to believe in something, just get him to “want to believe” and eventually, even if it contradicts facts or common sense, if he wants to believe it, he will believe it.

Are you in “denial”? Are you thinking, “Gee, that's right? That's why all of those 'other' religions or philosophies that differ with 'mine' have believers. It is because those people 'want' to believe those other religions or philosophies.” Of course, those who do not see things as you do are mistaken. After all, you have spent a lifetime convincing yourself that you are right.

If you believe that, you may be denying that you have your own dogmatic way of viewing the world that you live in.

This vision may clash with your current dogmas or opinions. However, are you strong enough to open your mind and your heart to new possibilities? We are at risk when we open our hearts and minds to new possibilities. For instance, to love is risky. It can bring heartache and pain. Obviously, most of humanity is willing to take the risks because the rewards are so appealing.

The rewards of enlightenment are also incredible. Open your mind and your heart to the possibilities that this vision offers. Truth can be very liberating. True belief is liberating. “The truth shall set you free” is frequently quoted. And if the truth is that God is a Supreme Intelligence permeating the time and fabric of the universe, then, when you meditate and separate your mind from your body in reverie, you touch the very essence of God… You are one with the universe… you are one with God.


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