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Why Donations?

If you desire to know the naked and untainted truth, I am about to reveal the shocking truth and incontrovertable facts which I have spent decades researching.

Many generations have been blessed with "Messengers of Truth and Inspiration". Most of these messengers were at peril because the angry masses do not want their established image of reality questioned or challenged.

I will reveal the truth at my peril. But I ask for support that I may start a wave of inspiration that may roll on long after I have left this life.

The future history of mankind is being written now at a time when Muslims and Hindus dominate the planet with their dogmas. Jews and Christians are a minority and atheism has a growing population.

How long must mankind be shackled by the scotomas (mental blindness) inflicted upon individuals by ritual, and indoctrination in early life?

When an individual's belief system is contradicted by reality, this breeds insanity. The mind has a built in safety device which is "mental blindness" (or scotomas) whereby your psyche ignores reality in order to protect sanity and stability.

As a messenger of truth, my future revelations will include overviews on current worldwide religions and illumination of the truth about Moses and the Origin of the Adam and Eve saga. I will reveal the origins of the dominating religions on this planet and I will provide clear understanding of each religion in terms of its ability to survive scholarly scrutiny. 

The "truth will set you free" has been said many, many times and then followed by dogma which is presumed to be true by the current group of  "true believers".

The Universal Light Church shall be the instrument of the restoration of pure truth and enlightenment from the Greater Power. And the spiritual light that is shared by all men will be the common ground that leads all of mankind to a universal understanding of "God" or a "Greater Power".

This messenger of truth will present... "TRUTH". The truth may not be that which you wish to hear, but I will present truth... naked truth and illuminations upon which you may ponder and make your own judgements.

With your donations, I will fund the dissemination of these truths so that the eyes of the world may see the Universal Light and know the peace that comes from being in harmony with a universal "Oneness".

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