The Human Albumen

Let us linger upon the seven minute hard boiled egg.

A timer, shaped like an hourglass, waits to be turned. Once you turn it, time cannot be stopped. As the egg is about to be placed in the boiling water and the timer be turned, we shall linger upon this moment in time. The egg from “raw” to “cooked” is like a lifetime. Once the process is started it will inevitably finish. The sands of time will flow and the egg will transform toward its final form. The longer it is in the water, the harder it will get. That which was once self-sustaining food for life grows hard and can no longer give life inward, but becomes food for another.

We must all decide what our own “yolk” is and prepare it to feed others as it grows hard and becomes useless to ourselves as we approach our inevitable finality.


The ageless purpose of life is to give life. All else is secondary.

My “yolk” is my works and philosophical insights. As I approach being “done”, I hope to share my “food for thought” with all those who seek wisdom from a life-long “Thinker”.

The world is not more than a huge boiling pot and we are the eggs who move in different paths through the bubbling waters with meaningless bumping and shoving with most of us totally unaware that we are the food of future generations.

To share; to love; to give life; these are the meritable things that we should strive for as the sands of the hourglass run down.



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