The Ocean of Humanity

We are each like a drop of water in the ocean of humanity. Inevitably, we are washed to shore and we sink into the sands of time to be forgotten forever.

We all go through life concerned about what the other drops of water think about us when in reality, they really do not care. They are all just trying to stay afloat themselves.

We each should swim in our own direction and not ride the current wave of humanity which follows the vogue-ish trends of the day.

As an individual, you may break away from the currents of the ocean of humanity and create your own wave of  influence. And if your wave gains enough force, the secondary waves created by it may continue to roll through the ocean of humanity long after you have reached your final resting place in the sands of time.

Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Shakespeare, and Einstein have long been at rest, but they are still making waves.
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