The Purpose of Life

As a life-long thinker, I have developed many philosophies on many subjects. The most important, I believe, are those that impact the human condition. I have been blessed with the gift of looking at “things” and perceiving things quite differently than the ordinary spectator of life, religion and philosophy. In the mood of Kant's “a priori” approach to logic, I can be totally objective and require objective input. There are, however, some topics that require “a posteriori” or subjective logic. Even theoretical quantum physicists have to rely on the “subjective” when they reach a roadblock in the mathematical analysis of their hypotheses.

Although I have diversified philosophical views of God, Humanity, the changing world of religious doctrine, society, love, life and death… I will just share a few inspirations.

A key point to ponder is that, “You can only appreciate your own level of understanding”. What I mean by that is “visionary intellectualism” is a lonely place to be. When I say, “You can only appreciate your own level of understanding”, it does not mean to imply that any individual is not smart enough to grasp the ideas. What it means is that most individuals'“behavior modification” “behavior modification” lines block their ability to grasp the ideas. Most individuals cling to the static “status quo” and subliminally refuse to understand anything that might destabilize their preconceived concept of established security. Without being conscious of the process, the individuals' subconscious defense mechanisms swell up and spontaneous emotional upheavals rise in order to “defend” their current emotional “security blankets”.

When Republicans talk to Democrats do they “LISTEN” to each other? When an individual from one religious group talks to an individual from another religious group, do they “LISTEN” to each other? Quite often when one is talking, the other is not listening, but preparing for his next barrage of rationales so that he can convert the other to his way of thinking in order to justify this individual's concept of reality.

In this current age of growing worldwide affluence and freedom from the daily grip of the fight for sustenance and survival, the individual now has the leisurely time to resolve the greatest challenge humanity faces. And that challenge is for the individual to get in-tune with his inner self; to seek out his true inner core; to cast off the shackles of millennia of myths and social cults and the plague of childhood indoctrination; to find the peace that comes from being true to oneself; to unify your inner self with your outer self so that others see you as you really are and not as the sugar coated, socially adaptable, artificial shell that most individuals present to the world; to actually get to know yourself and then to be yourself.

A simple exercise that will aid you in getting to know yourself is to become aware of each time you use the word “I”. For one day, you must become acutely aware of each time you use “I” in conversation and reflect on what you have just said. You must become an outside observer of yourself whenever you use the word “I” and analyze the context of each “I”. You may be surprised at how many “I's” you have. At the end of the day, you may ask yourself, “Which “I's” were the real me and which were superficial and socially driven?”
Listen, reflect and contemplate. The real you really wants to get out.

I hope that the following philosophical tidbits provide you with some cerebral amusement and inspiration.

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